Mobile AR FAQ'S


Download the Terrain Race Reality app now on your mobile device.

Then point your camera towards the screen, scan the image below to experience the augmented reality finishers medal


● What Cool Events products work with the app?
○ At this time, this app will activate experiences using the 2020
Terrain Race, Foam Glow, Bubble Run, BlackLight Run, and Muddy
Dash finisher medals and finisher T-Shirts.
● How do I activate the AR experiences?
○ After completing one of our events in 2020, you will receive the
finisher medal and T-shirt. Using your compatible mobile device,
you will be able to open the Cool Events app and scan the medal
or t-shirt to bring it alive. You’ll want to make sure you have good
lighting and a clean medal or shirt to scan.
● How many AR experiences are there? How can I see all of them?
○ There are currently two (5) product augmented reality
○ You may see all the augmented experiences by signing up and
completing each participating event. If you want to sign up for an
event near you, you can still download the app and sign up for an
event through the experience you want. You can collect of 5
● Why is my camera screen black when I try to use the experience?
○ Please make sure that you have given the app access to use the
camera on your device. This appears when you first open the app
after download. To give the app access, please re-install the app
and select ‘Yes’ when prompted.
● What phones or devices can I use with this app?
○ This app is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices.
Supported phones for Android include the Samsung Galaxy S7
models and newer, as well as the Google Pixel line. The iOS devices
that are supported are from iPhone 7 and up, as well as recent
iPad models. Please see the App Store and Google Play Store
listings for a full list of supported devices.
● How can I view the app privacy policy?
○ You may view the app privacy policy here:
● How do I watch this experience?
○ To watch this augmented reality experience, you must have the
2020 finisher medals on hand. To activate, download and open
the app, point your camera at the product with proper lighting.
○ If it is too dark, the experience may not play accordingly.
○ Be sure to point your camera at the images on the product
What do I do if my app crashes?
○ First, try closing and restarting the app. If the problem persists, try
deleting the app and re-installing. If you continue to have
problems, email support at: [email protected]
● How do I share these experiences with my friends?
○ Go to the menu in the upper right hand side of the app. Then, click
the ‘Share’ selection at the bottom of the menu. From there you
may choose your sharing destination from your other installed
mobile apps.
● Why is the app taking so long to load?
○ Please check to be sure you are using a supported mobile device.
The experience may be slower on older devices that are lower
than the supported device models.
● Why is the experience not activating?
○ Be sure that you are in a well-lit space to activate the AR
○ Make sure you are in an appropriate range – not too close or too
far away to trigger the experience.
○ If the issue persists, please try deleting and re-installing the app.